How we helped Interlegal rank no.1 for “international lawyer” and 2x their organic traffic

Interlegal stands as one of the foremost and pioneering international legal networks globally. Its members comprise independent commercial law firms, extending their reach across more than 45 countries. They currently have over 50 member law firms from countries including the USA, Japan & Australia. Their primary focus was to grow their organic traffic and attract new law firms to their prestigious network.


The website suffered from several problems, including slow loading speeds, incorrect keyword targeting, bad site architecture, and no lead generation strategy in place.


Here are few things we did:

  • Fixed technical issues leading to faster load speeds and enhanced user experience.
  • Targeted keywords and built pages aligned with their business goals.
  • Added lead capture items like membership forms and CTA buttons throughout the site.


  • Their organic traffic 2xed within 6 months.
  • They ranked in the 1st position for keywords like “international lawyer”.
  • Inbound leads increased by 210% within 6 months.