How we helped A&A rank 69 keywords in the 1st position and increase traffic by 160%


A&A is an award-winning international law firm from Delhi, India. They have advised multiple multinational companies and startups on legal matters. Despite being one of the best law firms in the region, they needed help establishing a strong digital presence.


  • Firstly, the website’s user interface was not up to mark, causing a drop in user engagement & rankings.
  • Secondly, the website suffered from low organic traffic.
  • The client’s target audience was national and international companies seeking legal aid for IP and business setup, but the website lacked a lead generation strategy to effectively connect with and convert potential clients.


After inspection, we concluded that we had to revamp the website if it was going to compete with other law firms that already had a decent online presence. We also saw scope to target essential practice area-related keywords for which the competition was ranking.

Here are the things we did:

  • Redesigned and restructured the website.
  • Created keyword-rich landing pages.
  • Formulated a winning content creation strategy.
  • Placed lead-capturing forms in strategic places.
  • Helped the website get high-quality backlinks.


  • The website’s clicks surged by an impressive 160% in just five months following the comprehensive revamp.
  • The website also gained 1 position rank for 69 keywords including important ones like “trademark lawyer” & “startup lawyer”.
  • By creating targeted landing pages and lead generation forms, we were able to increase the inbound leads by 300% in a span of five months.