How we helped 360BusinessLaw increase traffic by 800%

360 Business Law is a dynamic and innovative law firm based in the UK that offers legal services to businesses of all sizes. They are present in over 60 countries and house over 250 lawyers. 360 Business Law is a self-regulated law firm and one of the few firms to provide subscription legal services on a global basis. Having a strong online presence is essential for attracting customers due to their business model and worldwide reach.


The website exhibited poor site structure and low-quality content, which was negatively impacting its search performance. The client’s website was also lacking comprehensive and well-optimized practice area pages. Another critical issue was that pages were not being successfully indexed by search engines.


A bespoke strategy was deemed necessary to enhance user engagement.

Here are few things we did:

  • The website was restructured to improve navigation for search engine crawlers and users.
  • High-converting landing pages & blog articles were meticulously crafted to improve the website’s traffic & conversion rates.
  • Used technical SEO to fix errors and enhance the indexability of the pages.


  • The website’s clicks surged by almost 800% in just six months.
  • 360BL also ranked for 96 keywords in the first page of Google.